Climbing the Matterhorn and a couple of a lot more 4000ers

Published: 19th July 2010
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Marta, one of my buddy told me, that her boyfriend has spent a perfect holiday in in Switzerland, by the Alps, and had reached the peak of Matterhorn. I know that he likes outdoor sports, but that was really surprising... Climbing the Matterhorn is one of my childhood dream, so i ask him to tell me about the trip.

After a few hours of resting, here's my summary about the trip I were. Climbing the Matterhorn was just awesome, it worth everything.

Only a handful of people have sufficient experience to take on a Matterhorn climb, but numerous are close. You might be able to safely ascend this amazing and powerful peak, if you had the chance to get substantial practice beforehand. You see, many climbers hit a plateau around grade III alpine climbing and it takes a lot much more work to advance from there.

That was the best holiday i spent, it was mindblowing:D.

You want to go climbig the Matterhorn? check this out:

One is about "when should you climb"

"If you don't have the proper experience with tough winter climbing - if you are climbing Matterhorn with a Guide - then summer is the time to go; main season. That means: end of June to mid-September.

Yep, that's when you have the biggest crowds and rock fall is a considerable risk on the Hörli route. Avalanches should be considered also, especially if you go in the off season. Avalanche risk, of course, depends a great deal on the conditions of the given day, but you should know that avalanches on the Matterhorn are responsible for several deaths."

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